Darvish Returns

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Yu Darvish returning this season seemed unlikely couple weeks ago, but as time went on, the possibility of a start in the Japan Series become more evident. Darvish returned to the mound to start game two of the Series, and it was his first appearance in a game in 42 days.  Given his long layoff, it was difficult to predict what type of shape he’d be in.

Although he was clearly not 100 percent, he mixed in his off-speed pitches and went six innings, allowing two earned runs on seven hits with seven strikeouts for a total of 87 pitches. His opponent in Tetsuya Utsumi was not as sharp,  giving the Fighters a decent chance to win.

Even though Darvish had an extreme amount of time to practice, it was his first in-game situation since September, and the biggest stage of the year. Darvish showed why he is considered one of the best pitchers in the game, showing he can control a game without being 100 percent. He explained in an interview that he tried not to put too much strength toward his left foot and expanded his footing grip. His adjustment was to not to use his injured hip, and focus on using his arm to throw the ball.

Darvish quoted that he will be preparing to throw in Game 7 if necessary and that should be an exciting game if it happens.

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