NPB Bullet Points: Interleague & FA Status

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News and notes from around NPB, mostly in Japanese this time around.

  • Orix took this year’s Interleague title, and a with it a 50m yen ($500k) award for the team. The emergent T-Okada was credited as the hero of yesterday’s game, but stalwart slugger Alex Cabrera was 3-4 with two rbi’s and is hitting .394 on the season. Orix is now 32-30-1 in what I thought would be a rebulding season.
  • Hichori Morimoto has racked up enough service time for international free agency. When asked about it, he responded in jest “I’m interested, you know, in America”, then added, “I care about how other teams evaluate me, but playing for the Fighters is the best.”
  • Hisashi Iwakuma has also qualified for domestic free agency, but that’s a bit of a non-event given that he’s already under contract with Rakuten for next season. He’s represented by IMG, though, and I think he’ll make the MLB move after 2011, assuming he remains healthy and effective.
  • The Giants called up Taishi Ohta, and he made his first professional start on the 12th, going 0-3. He had another 0-3 outing on the 13th.
  • Yu Darvish’s June 12 start is archived on Catch it while you can.
  • Akinori Otsuka attended a Padress-Mariners game over the weekend, and still wants to make an MLB comeback. It won’t be this year though. Aki had his third elbow (ひじ) surgery this past January, and has been playing catch for about three weeks. He’s hoping to be throwing at full strength in October. Aki is 38, so a comeback is a tall order given his injury history. Keiichi Yabu returned to MLB ball at a older age, but he was coming back from ineffectiveness, not injuries.
  • Here’s one in English: veteran NPB writer Jim Allen takes a look at Lotte’s hot first half.

And finally, off-topic content this week inspired by the South African-hosted World Cup: Emeka Okafor’s Timbuktu Chronicles and Appfrica, a blog site run by an Ugundan tech incubator. These outstanding blogs highlight areas of African resourcefulness and innovation.

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  1. Patrick
    14/06/2010 at 2:31 am Permalink

    Iwakuma’s link leads to something different. Also, Otsuka and Jim Allen’s links are not well-formed, I don’t think.

  2. Patrick
    14/06/2010 at 7:17 am Permalink

    all fixed.

  3. Patrick
    14/06/2010 at 8:27 am Permalink

    It will be a sad day when Iwakuma leaves, but it will very interesting to see how he stacks up in the MLB.

  4. Patrick
    16/06/2010 at 8:23 pm Permalink

    Hichori has never been the hitter that Shinjo or Taguchi was, and we know how they translated to MLB so it’s tough to see any MLB teams taking interest in Hichori, but that’s probably a good thing for the Fighters.

  5. Patrick
    16/06/2010 at 10:16 pm Permalink

    Hichori ain’t goin’ nowhere.