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Note: I’ve made some additions, based on suggestions from the comments.

I get most of my NPB knowledge from Japanese sources, but there is tons of great content on Japanese baseball being published in English every day. Here’s a rundown of sites and sources that I heartily recommend.

The Blogosphere

  • I’ll have to open with Yakyu Baka, curated by the tireless Gen. If you’re looking for thorough, current information on Japanese baseball, this is the first place to stop.
  • Boston-based longtime Japanese baseball guy Daigo Fujiwara now has content in blog format on his site,
  • made Japanese baseball accessible to me, as it certainly has many others, while I was still navigating through the tricky early waters of the Japanese language. It remains a fantastic resource, hosting five blogs, including John Gibson’s Japanese Baseball Daily blog, Michael Westbay’s Bayside West, and Christopher Amano-Langtree’s Tiger Tails.
  • Daily Yomiuri writer Jim Allen’s work is archived on as well, which is great because the Yomiuri’s website leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Deanna may have relocated from Japan, but that hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm for Tokyo Big6 college baseball. The blogging has gone on.
  • Steve Novosel’s Chiba Lotte blog has awoken from a long winter slumber.
  • The Kokoyakyu Blog publishes a Yakyu Baka level of information on Japanese high school baseball.
  • NPB Card Guy has a knack for finding an interesting baseball card to post every week.
  • Yakult is a popular team among English bloggers, with the tenured Tsubamegun and the newcomer Tokyo Yakult Swallows Etc.
  • I know of a couple of good Korean baseball sites: and True Stories of Korean Baseball.
  • In addition to my work here, I write for Fangraphs and Rotowire.
  • Hablo Espanol? Check out Beisbol Japones, a Spanish-language NPB site.
  • Yakult Swallows import righty Tony Barnette has a weekly blog.

The Twitterverse

Did I leave anyone out? It certainly wasn’t intentional — feel free to add to this list in the comments.

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  1. Patrick
    02/06/2011 at 10:28 pm Permalink

    Swallows’ import Tony Barnette has a weekly blog over at:

    We also have a Twitter presence @tokyoswallows.

  2. Patrick
    02/06/2011 at 11:00 pm Permalink

    Agreed on Gen. Can’t really say enough about Yakyu Baka. I also recently discovered I had actually started to become aware of the NPB due to your site, Patrick. So thanks for that. I also read Deanna’s blog all the time. I wasn’t entirely a fish out of water due to these when I spent sometime at Kleenex Miyagi in 2008 when I was in Japan for about a year.

  3. Patrick
    03/06/2011 at 7:04 am Permalink

    Patrick, don’t forget Bryan Bullington (@BPBullington) is also on Twitter, pitching for the Hiroshima Carp…also, he’s back in the US pitching for the San Francisco Giants’ minor league system, but former Yomiuri Giants pitcher Marc Kroon (@marckroon) still tweets alot about NPB

  4. Patrick
    03/06/2011 at 2:37 pm Permalink


    If you enjoyed Sugar, check this out before it gets deleted.