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One of my old habits as a writer was to make lists of the articles I planned to work on. I found that it kept me accountable to producing some level of work, even if what I finished wasn’t always what I started. Here’s what I have in mind for this iteration of NPB Tracker…

  • A look at the Yakult Swallows and the Orix Buffaloes, contestants of the last two Nippon Series.
  • How I would have rebuilt Yakult, basically a retrospective on what I said I’d do, but never did.
  • A look ahead at this upcoming NPB imports to MLB.
  • How baseball has changed for me, personally, over the years.
  • Muzak in Japan.
  • A review of the King Jim Pomera device.

In addition to the baseball content, it’s likely that I’ll work in some business and technology-related content into the site. I actually never stopped writing, but the majority of what I wrote was intended for business audiences, internal to whichever company I happened to be working for at the time. If some of that stuff is applicable to a general, public audience, it may show up here as well.

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