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Too many of the media reports on Japanese and Asian baseball we get in North America are filled with biased, incomplete, or inaccurate information. The goal of NPB Tracker is  to combat that problem by providing an accurate, reliable source of information for English speaking fans with an interest in Japanese baseball, while also introducing a new group of fans to the Japanese game. This site also hopes to foster a better understanding of baseball worldwide, with a special focus on exchange between Japan and America.

In scope for this site are all things related to Japanese and international baseball, which includes player movement, scouting reports, stats, game information, and general news. Feel free to send comments and suggestions to npbtracker@gmail.com.

Content from NPB Tracker has been featured or referenced in numerous media outlets, including ESPN, SNY.tv, the Boston Score, the Boston Herald, AOL Fanhouse, NESN, MASN,  Baseball Prospectus; online editions the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, and the  Examiner.

About the Contributors

Patrick Newman, founder, writer, editor
Silicon Valley middle-manager by day (and sometimes night too), Patrick has been a fan of Japanese baseball since SportsChannel aired the 1994 Japan Series while the Major Leaguers were on strike. Patrick lived in Japan between 2000-2003, and has been following NPB very closely ever since. Patrick is not a scout or statistical guru, just a fan with an interest in spreading his passion for the game.

NPB Tracker Alumni

Ryo Shinkawa, contributing writer
Ryo is a recent graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College’s (OH) Sport Management program who has spent the last two baseball seasons as a media relations intern with the Cleveland Indians. Ryo also has experience working as a Sports Information Assistant for Baldwin-Wallace and served as a Volunteer Leader at the 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics.  

Ken Dick, contributing writer

Adam Burton, contributing writer

Randy Fuller, contributing writer

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