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No Pablo in St. Louis

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The votes are in, and the winner is… Shane Victorino. In a victory for two-flapped helmets, the Flyin’ Hawaiian took the win over the Kung Fu Panda by probably the slimmest of margins. I say “probably” because while the MLB.com article didn’t reveal Pablo’s vote total, it did say that the Panda was only two percent behind going into Thursday, and that Victorino won with a record of 15.6 million votes.

NPB Tracker readers — we’ll have to do better next year.

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Vote for Pablo

» 06 July 2009 » In mlb » 7 Comments

Voting is underway for the final two MLB All-Stars, and NPB Tracker is proud to officially endorseĀ Pablo Sandoval for the final NL All-Star spot. Living in the Bay Area, I’ve seen my share of both the Giants and the A’s, and the Kung Fu Panda is easily the most fun position player on either team. Pablo’s stats hold up against any of the other four NL candidates as well.

So I ask everyone to stand with me by Thursday, July 9, 1:00pm PDT, and vote for a third baseman we can believe in. Together, we can make Pablo an All-Star. Yes, we can.

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