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Pirates Sign Rinku & Dinesh

» 24 November 2008 » In international baseball, mlb prospects » Comments Off on Pirates Sign Rinku & Dinesh

Update, Nov 24 Evening: I found a little more on these guys in this Indian publication. Kind of gives you a sense of what kind of background they’re coming from. Aaron and Jackson from EWC have posted scouting reports of the two as well.

Found on Yahoo! Japan: the Pirates have signed Indian pitchers Dinesh Patel and Rinku Singh. EastWindupChronicle had a detailed report on Patel and Singh earlier in the month. The two signed minor league contracts and will participate in the Pirates’ minor league camp next year.

Sure, this is outside of the normal scope of NPB Tracker, but it was reported in the Japanese media and I couldn’t pass up reporting on it. I really like seeing baseball expand in this kind of way.

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