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So I must say that I’m disappointed to see Hideo Nomo‘s career end as it did. Although Nomo was obviously a shadow of his former self these past few years, I still think he deserves better. It would be nice to see him get a one-day contract with the Dodgers or Orix Buffaloes so he could get a last cheer from the fans. Nomo suited up for a lot of different teams over the last 18 years, but I’ll always think of him as either a Dodger or a Buffalo.

If you’ve made your way to this site, you can no doubt find the many English language articles that have been published on Nomo in the last day or two. So I’m going to focus on Japanese language content (translations courtesy of me).

Comments from Daisuke Matsuzaka, via Sponichi Annex:

“He was the one who inspired me to clearly aim for the Major Leagues while I was in middle school. Since then my goal had been to stand in the same park with him.

“It’s a shame that we couldn’t meet on the field while we had the chance this year and last”

Comments from (Kintetsu Buffaloes teammates) Daijiro Ohishi, Motoyuki Akahori, Hideki Irabu, and Yu Darvish, again via Sponichi Annex:

Ohishi: “I knew he was going to retire someday, but actually hearing it makes me sad. He was a strikeout/walk pitcher, so as fielder it was tough defending (behind him).”

Akahori: “He really was an amazing pitcher. It feels like an era has ended. I want to say ‘well done'”

Irabu: “He was the one that contributed the bridge between Japanese and American baseball. I’d like to tell him ‘you did great work’. I hope that he’ll continue to work hard for baseball in another form”

Darvish: “I think he can still play. I expect him to come out of retirement, but for now I’d like to say ‘well done'”

And last but not least, here’s a YouTube video of Nomo’s first career victory for the old Kintetsu Buffaloes team. It was Nomo’s third career appearance and he struck out 17 Orix Braves, mostly with his splitter.

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  1. Patrick
    19/07/2008 at 1:09 am Permalink

    I had forgotten that Orix used the Braves name too before switching to BlueWave. And that uniform now says Buffaloes, weird.

    Anyways, Nomo was absolutely electric at his peak, and magical with that delivery. It was good to see a resurgence in his career earlier this century in his second tour with the Dodgers. And the no hitters in both leagues, one thrown in Coors Field! Otsukaresamadeshita.

  2. Patrick
    Lance Miccio
    22/07/2008 at 9:48 am Permalink

    I saw Nomo pitch for the Mets . The Mets were in a losing streak and that being my team ,I was in dispair . I decided to go to Shea with my Girl friend it was also cap night .
    I sat amongst a bunch of well prepared Japanese Yakyu fans .
    Nomo Pitched a shutout Mets won 5-0
    I will always remember that a section of a a Phil Collins song that singled out Nomo Nomo (The song being I don’t care anymore ) )
    Nomo Nomo