Seibu to Post Koji Mitsui

» 08 December 2008 » In mlb prospects »

Here’s some unexpected news out of Saitama: Seibu is going to post relief pitcher Koji Mitsui. The article isn’t specific about when they’re going to do it, but I’m assuming it will be during this offseason. There will be a press conference at the team’s HQ in Tokorozawa tomorrow. This comes as a surprise to me as I didn’t expect to see any one posted this year.

Mitsui is a 35 year-old lefty and coming off a bad year, though he put up solid numbers in ’06 and ’07. I don’t really know much about him but he certainly seems more likely to be a bullpen depth guy than a core guy. Still, he’d be a low-risk acquisition for an MLB team as he’ll probably only command a very small posting fee.


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