Tazawa Shipping Up to Boston

» 01 December 2008 » In mlb prospects »

Update, Dec 1: Sanspo has a brief article on Tazawa’s departure to Boston. This is really non-news, but you can get a sense of the media attention he’s getting in these shots: 1, 2, 3

Nikkan Sports is reporting Junichi Tazawa is shipping up to Boston (before anyone asks, no. neither a Bostonian nor a Red Sox fan, do like the song though). Tazawa will take a physical negotiate the final terms of his contract with Boston. Nikkan Sports is calling it a 3 year, $4M contract, but that’s the third number I’ve seen reported for the Boston offer, so let’s not assume it’s correct yet. 

Nikkan Sports has a different set of numbers than had previously been reported for the contracts that had been offered to Tazawa:

  • Texas: 4 years, $7M
  • Atlanta: 4 years, $6M
  • Seattle: 3 years, $4.5M
There’s agreement in the media on the Texas offer, but some discrepancies with the others. I guess we’ll find out the real number when he signs.


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