Sports Hochi: Hisanori Down to Dodgers and Mets

» 10 February 2010 » In mlb prospects »

Looks like the Hisanori Takahashi saga may be drawing to a close — and that’s OK with me.

Sports Hochi said that of the teams that moved on Takahashi, only the Mets and Dodgers are left in the running. Hochi doesn’t mention the Pirates, but says that the Twins were interested, which I hadn’t heard before.

Takahashi seems to be accepting the fact that he’ll likely have to spend a some time in 3A, and is prioritizing teams that will give him a chance to be promoted to the majors as a starter.


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  1. Patrick
    John Brooks
    11/02/2010 at 3:45 pm Permalink

    Looks like the Mets have signed him to a minor league contract which he would get paid $1M if he made the roster