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Casey Fossum has started the season in minors, and Hanshin continues to hunt for reinforcements. According to a Sports Hochi report from a couple days ago, the Hanshin Tigers have added former NPB’er Jeremy Powell to their shopping list. Powell has extensive experience in Japan, joining the old Kintetsu Buffaloes franchise midway through the 2001 season, and hanging around with Yomiuri and SoftBank until 2008. He’s pretty not too far away from having enough service time to shed his foreign player status, though he did miss time with injuries while in Japan. Powell put up a 3.74 era in 98.2 innings for Pittsburgh’s 3A club last year.

So this brings Hanshin’s list to:

  • Powell
  • Eric Stults
  • Seth McClung
  • Jo-Jo Reyes
  • Jack Taschner

All indications are that Stults remains Hanshin’s preferred target. Word is that Stults being shopped by the Dodgers since he’s out of options and is no longer a candidate for the team’s  fifth rotation spot. Stults probably has the most MLB upside of anyone on this list (though Reyes is kind of a wild card), and though Hanshin would pay a decent transfer fee for him, LA may prefer to get a player back.

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  1. Patrick
    27/03/2010 at 5:29 pm Permalink

    What you mean sent to minors? ???

  2. Patrick
    27/03/2010 at 9:23 pm Permalink

    I mean he didn’t make Hanshin’s opening day roster.

    Not making the opening day team doesn’t mean Fossum is done in Japan.

  3. Patrick
    John Brooks
    27/03/2010 at 11:02 pm Permalink

    Powell’s name is back in the mix after that whole Orix-Softbank saga. That was a sight to remember I’ll tell you. IMHO, I kind like to see what McClung or what Jo-Jo Reyes do, it seems not long ago Reyes was supposed to latch on as a starter with the Braves but never did.

  4. Patrick
    28/03/2010 at 2:46 pm Permalink

    I agree that Reyes seems to be the option with the most potential upside.

  5. Patrick
    30/03/2010 at 6:45 am Permalink

    Seth McClung was released today by the Marlins…