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» 08 April 2010 » In NPB Tracker »

My work on NPB Tracker has afforded me the opportunity to contribute to some top-notch baseball publications. I’d like to take a moment here to plug them:

  • Rotowire.com: a couple months ago, I mentioned my contribution to Rotowire’s 2010 Fantasy Baseball Guide. I’ve also been providing subscriber-only player updates to Rotowire.com for about a year, and this season I have a spot on the Rotosynthesis blog. If you partake in fantasy sports, this is a great resource. My work can be found here.
  • FanGraphs.com: I hope this introduction will be unnecessary, but Fangraphs has become perhaps the top destination for sabermetric analysis on the web. As with Rotowire, I recommend checking out the whole site, but here’s my author page.

It is my great pleasure to contribute to both of these sites, and I hope you’ll make them regular stops on the ‘Net.

We now return to regularly-scheduled programming…

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