Darvish Responds

» 01 April 2010 » In nichibei, npb »

The always insightful passerby left a comment latest Yu Darvish post, pointing us to the heralded pitcher’s unfiltered thoughts on the latest round of MLB speculation. In a blog post titled “A Certain Sports Paper“, Darvish himself has responded to what Sponichi published.

Here’s my translation:

“I want to make a brief statement,

Recently, a certain sports paper is making noise about the majors or something, but that’s really unfortunate.

Basically my “climbing the staircase step by step” comment was about my technique. (even that writer understands)

It’s too bad it was doctored like that.

That’s all.

It’s unfortunate.”

I always welcome peer review of my translations, and this time is no exception.

I’m going to let this speak for itself for now.


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  1. Patrick
    01/04/2010 at 9:42 am Permalink

    Ha, no such description is necessary. I am just roaming all the time. Look at my non-descriptive user name.

  2. Patrick
    01/04/2010 at 11:22 am Permalink

    Well, okay, but you find plenty of stuff that I wouldn’t have seen, and take the time to share it, so thank you for that.

  3. Patrick
    03/04/2010 at 2:03 am Permalink

    My biggest complain about Gen’s translations is that SpoNichi seems to be his favorite source. I’ve long ago stopped believing what SpoNichi writes.

    But you noted that it was Nikkan Sports that ran with this story back on this post, so I thought that there must have been a shred of truth to it. That it turns out there wasn’t doesn’t really surprise me, though.

  4. Patrick
    03/04/2010 at 11:13 am Permalink

    My criteria for taking speculation seriously is:

    1. a quote from named source who is principally involved with the issue
    2. multiple publications saying the same thing, the more the better
    3. information direct from a source I know and trust

    This latest Darvish speculation seemed to marginally meet #1 and #2, but it was pretty borderline so I tried to make that clear in the original post. It seems that every time I post something about Darvish I wind up answering the same questions, so I usually ignore or discredit the speculation that pops up in the media.