Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27: Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20: Matt Murton takes the Central League… #
  • Brian Falkenborg makes all-star team, is tall #
  • mlb parks #
  • in the wrong line of work: "An MLB source said Zambrano's three-day suspension cost him close to $300,000 in salary." #
  • live feed: Shingo Takatsu pitching in Taiwan: #
  • actually, make that, "Shingo struggling with his command in Taiwan" #
  • Wow, Shingo argued balls and strikes and got pulled from the game immediately. To be fair, the ump made the right call. #
  • these guys that come on espn after the World Cup… who can possibly enjoy watching these guys? #
  • Ryota Igarashi is not justifying my optimism in him. #
  • Where the World Cup players work, a data visualization from Brazil: #
  • 2010: A Uniform Odyssey: It’s time again for my annual alternative uniforms roundup. Here’s what we have this year… #
  • Being repeatedly exposed to "Around the Horn" over the last few weeks has inspired me to dust this off: #
  • Charts of the Week: A couple of velocity charts have caught my eye this week. Here they are: Ryota Igarashi has ha… #
  • Today's Matt Murton update: he has a 17-game hitting streak for Hanshin #
  • live feeds tonight: Lotte vs Seibu: #
  • and Rakuten vs NIppon Ham: #
  • Bill Murphy throws a breaking ball in the dirt, catcher misses it, ball his umpire in the cup, rolls away. runner advances two bases #
  • HR by Nakajima, long double by Takayama, HR by Brown, HR, by Hirao. Wind is blowing out in Chiba; it's not Bill Murphy's day #
  • highest velocity we've seen from Darvish this year: #
  • A feed for tonight: Yokohama vs Hiroshima #

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