Yomiuri Mystery Tryout

» 27 August 2010 » In npb »

Update, August 29: When reporters asked the mystery man what his name was, he answered with “Carovel” (カロベル). It looks like he was discovered on a random field in the Dominican. Hat tip to eagled-eyed reader passerby for his detective work.The Giants will make a decision on Carovel on the 31st.

Can you identify this man?

Nikkan Sports and Sponichi couldn’t.

The Giants are apparently working out the mystery man at their ni-gun facility. The reports don’t give his name, but there are a few hints: Sponichi and Nikkan Sports both say that he’s a switch-hitting catcher, Sponichi says his Dominican, while Nikkan suggests he could be from another Latin American country, and adds that he’s 20-15 years old, not currently with any team, and that the name “Noel” was written on the batting practice list. A quick search for :Noel” at baseballreference.com doesn’t return any likely matches.

The tryout runs through the 28th, so we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the mystery player’s identity.

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