New Imports: Jimenez, Lerew, Guzman

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Edit, December 20 AM: Corrected the details of the Lerew situation. It’s close, but not a done deal yet.

Three new sukketo players will make their way to Japan for the first time in 2011.

  • Readers of this site are well-informed and have already been discussing this one, but I’ll post it anyway. Rakuten has signed pitcher Kelvin Jimenez, who spent last season with Doosan of the KBO. Jimenez won 14 games in Korea in 2010, and will be a rotation option to go with
  • Softbank is close to acquiring pitcher Anthony Lerew. The two sides are working out the finer points of a one-year deal paying about 50m yen (roughly $600k). Softbank is looking for Lerew to improve the righty side of its rotation.
  • Chunichi signed 1B/3B/OF Joel Guzman to a one-year, $500k deal. Comments from Chunichi’s Mori-head coach suggest that they picked up Guzman to keep incumbent 1B slugger Tony Blanco honest. Guzman was once a top prospects for the Dodgers and (Devil) Rays.

And this post features a bonus export:

  • The Cleveland Indians have signed former Yomiuri pitcher Toru Murata. This signing is in the same mold as the Orioles getting Ryohei Tanaka a few years ago; Murat is a former first-round draft pick who never reached the top level in NPB. At 25 he should still have some upside left.

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  1. Patrick
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  2. Patrick
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    It’s finally official, then eh. This move gives Softbank great depth at the aging 1B/DH position, with Cabrera, Matsunaka and Kokubo.

  3. Patrick
    19/12/2010 at 11:43 pm Permalink

    Here’s something.

  4. Patrick
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    You mighta want to add this to your post. Just in…

    Korean baseball hero Chan-ho Park of the Pirates signs a one year contract with Orix…..

    I knew Chan-ho was thinking of returning to Korea ever since he got that “most MLB wins by Asian” record…. but Japan? And Orix? I’ve got nothing against the Buffaloes but this is quite shocking news indeed. The comments written by Koreans show it too. Shock and Awe for them. I’ve read some of those comments and most of them are still refusing to believe it.

    I saw him the day he got that 124th win live on ESPN. A 3 inning 6K no-hitter if I recall correctly. I was sure he still had enough juice to play in the Big leagues. First Lee and now Park…. Orix must be really, really going after Korean fans.

    I don’t know if Orix wants him as a starter or closer but if he’s still got the stuff he showed at the end of this season or when he was with the Phillies last year, he should be a sensation as a closer. For starters, I wouldn’t be too sure since he’s been a reliever for 2-3 years straight.

    Good acquirement for Orix all the way anyhow. I thought Cabrera out and Lee in was a bad move, but this I must say is a great one. Shame Yakult didn’t get him.

  5. Patrick
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    didn’t Anthony Lewrew signed minor league contract for 2011 season with Oakland, how did he get out that???

  6. Patrick
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    I can dig up economy news too.

  7. Patrick
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    Park: the “Seto Breakwater” (瀬戸の防波堤).

    Feel free to use that new nick.

  8. Patrick
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    I would say that Orix needs more help in the bullpen than the rotation, so Park might close for them next year. But it’s a good, out of the box move — I didn’t see this coming at all. And in addition to the comment about Lee, Orix also worked out Choi Hyang-Nam last year as well, but didn’t sign him.

    On Lerew, I must say I was a little lazy on that. The article actually says he and Softbank are close to a deal, and working out the finer points. He is with Oakland, but he could have an out clause that allows him to go to Japan, or Softbank could purchase his contract from the A’s.