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The Seibu Lions have released statements from Hiroyuki Nakajima and team president Hajime Igo (thanks — couldn’t read that one).


“Although it’s very regrettable that we failed to agree on a contract, I appreciate the Saitama Seibu Lions for allowing me to be posted, and the New York Yankees for bidding on me.”


“Nakajima pursued his Major League dream, but unfortunately he couldn’t realize it at the point. With a feeling of renewal, in the 2012 season we’d like to have him contribute to a Japan championship as a core member of the Saitama Seibu Lions.”

Along with Hiroki Sanada, we’re now 0-2 on postings this year, with Norichika Aoki and Yu Darvish pending.

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  1. Patrick
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  2. Patrick
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    The posting record could easily go 0-4. We already discussed that Aoki having to work out in Milwaukee to get a contract is definitely not a good sign. And according to some reports negotiations between the Rangers and Darvish are also not off to a good start.
    And 0-4 would clearly be a sign that the process needs to be changed somehow…

  3. Patrick
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    passerby — that is funny. I might see if I can have one of my friends in India track that down for me.

    jimm1138 — Yeah, that’s a possibility. I’m thinking Darvish will sign but we’ll see.