New Entrent in Kawakami Derby: Minnesota

» 16 December 2008 » In mlb, mlb prospects »

The race for Kenshin Kawakami is heating up — Sponichi is reporting that the Twins and Giants are getting into the chase. The market for Kawakami has predictably built up with the signings of CC Sabathia and AJ Burnett, which frees up the Braves and Giants to get involved.

Dan Evans lists three reasons for Kawakami’s popularity:

  1. They’re open to talking to all 30 teams, without concern for the team’s home park or how strong they are.
  2. The acquiring team doesn’t have to worry about losing a draft pick for signing Kawakami.
  3. Kawakami hasn’t had any major breakdowns over the last few years.

I think point #2 needs to be changed — MLB teams pay compensation to each other for acquiring free agents; so do NPB teams. Some kind of rights transfer compensation seems appropriate for players moving from NPB to MLB as well.


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