Mitsui Again Fails to Draw a Bid

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Update, Jan 16: Mitsui will remain with Seibu for 2009 and take another crack at a move to MLB next offseason.

Seibu’s second attempt to post Koji Mitsui this offseason has ended just like the first one did. This is the first time we’ve seen the same player posted twice in the same offseason; not sure why they expected it to go differently the second time. Akinori Otsuka was acquired by the Padres on his second posting attempt, but that was a full season after his first unsuccessful attempt. Otsuka is also one of the best relievers in NPB history, while Mitsui has been marginal.

Seibu team management is going to talk with Mitsui in the next couple of days and decide what direction to take in with him. I guess the two options would be for Seibu to release him outright and let him pursue an MLB contract, or let him rebuild value this season and try again next year.

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  1. Patrick
    Josh Bruce
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    Who is this guy?

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    You can find everything I’ve posted on him here:

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    when will Darvish be posted?

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    You can find some info on Darvish here: