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NPB Bullet Points: Spring Training Edition

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NPB spring training camps broke on February 1, so it’s time to dust off the old bullet points series.

Japanese Articles

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Takahashi to Jays

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The news of Ken Takahashi’s minor league deal with the Blue Jays is already out there, so I’ll add a few details courtesy of the online edition of the Chugoku Shimbun.

  • One-year, minor league deal with a spring training invite
  • Team will provide a personal trainer/translator
  • The team will evaluate him as a starter
  • If he makes the major league team and meets all incentives, his salary will be about $1.5m

The deal is final once the visa paperwork goes through. If Takahashi does indeed make the team, every AL East team will have a Japanese player on it’s roster.

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Offseason Changes: Yomiuri Giants

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Coming: Micheal Nakamura, Takahito Kudoh, Dicky Gonzales, Edgardo Alfonzo (maybe), Levi Romero (maybe)

Going: Koji Uehara, Makoto Kosaka, Takayuki Shimizu, Tomohiro Nioka, Masanori Hayashi, Ken Kadokura, Shigeki Noguchi

Staying: Marc Kroon, Sung-Yeop Lee, Alex Ramirez, Seth Greisinger

Trending: upward

Synopsis: Uehara is the only guy they will notice is gone, and Nakamura will mostly balance out his loss. Strong group of foreign players will be back in 2009. Of the departures, only Hayashi is under 30.

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