More New Pitches for Uehara

» 14 February 2009 » In mlb »

In addition to a changeup and spike curve, Nikkan Sports is reporting that Koji Uehara is working on fastballs of the two-seam and cut variety. I thought Uehara already had a cutter, but I could be wrong. According to Nikkan Sports, he’s going to try out all these new pitches in spring training exhibition games. 

Sanspo adds that Uehara arrived in the camp on the 12th and hit the field almost immediately, making over 150 throws in long-toss and mound-distance excercises. Sanspo notes taht pitchers who work quickly tend to do well in the majors (I like that trait myself), and that should suit Uehara, who threw a 1hr 59min complete game in 1999.

I’m optimistic about Uehara. To be realistic, he’ll have to learn a new league, prove he’s healthy enough to start every fifth day, and get used to not getting the borderline calls he was given with Yomiuri. But it looks like he’s making adjustments, he’s a smart pitcher and he’s clearly thrilled to be in the Majors. I’m looking forward to watching him this year.


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