ESPN = Thumbs Down

» 21 March 2009 » In international baseball »

I’m sitting here trying to watch tonight’s Korea-Venezuela game, but ESPN is showing college wrestling instead. Why??? How can this possibley attract more viewers than the WBC game? 

The game is on ESPN Classic until the wrestling is over, but that channel isn’t included in my cable package. I guess I’ll either have to wait for find a live feed.

Update: Okay, the wrestling ended and they switched back to the WBC, 19 minutes after game time and just in time to see Korea jump out to a 1-0 lead. The wrestling match was in overtime, which I didn’t know they had in wrestling.


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  1. Patrick
    22/03/2009 at 10:45 pm Permalink

    No surprise here. ESPN actually advertised in the USA Today the Japan-Korea game (first game where Darvish lost) as being on ESPN. Then, it magically NEVER was broadcast. Astonishing, but to be honest, the WBC is Selig’s baby and he had to have ESPN as his co-hort. If ESPN doesn’t buy in, there is no WBC. So, if ESPN doesn’t want to show the WBC, Selig ain’t gonna say a thing. In fact, given the number of mis-pronounced names (Osagawara instead of Ogasawara), it’s pretty evident that the ESPN announcers aren’t exactly giving the event its proper due.