Winning with the Community: Chunichi Dragons

» 07 March 2009 » In sports business »

The Yomiuri Giants and the Hanshin Tigers may be the leaders off the field with their popularity, but the Chunichi Dragons compete every season on the field with their support from local fans. In order for a small market team to compete yearly with the big market teams like the Giants and the Tigers, the focus needs to be directed locally and Dragons do just that to stay successful.

The Dragons utilize the web effectively in order to be close with their fans and the community. They provide multiple blogs which are updated consistently with inside information about the team. Another blog is exposed with official pictures and allows the fans to be keep up to date about the players. To build a fan base in the community, targeting the young ones is another component that teams cannot forget and the Dragons have launched a website directed toward the younger generation called Kids Dragons. Children will be able to download and print out paper craft materials to make their own Dragons related items. They also can play numerous games which include academic problems, which should make their parents happy.

The Dragons established an opportunity for the fans to be entertained every game as they provide a schedule with pre-game events, giveaways, and in-game event schedule on their website. The team has opportunities for fans to watch a dance show with the mascot and cheerleaders and listen to former players talk about their past experiences before the actual game outside the ballpark. Opportunities for children to engage in baseball are unlimited as the team provides younger fans to watch practice and play catch on the field after games with an entry of application. For certain games, a couple kids will be given the opportunity to work as a grounds keeper and a public address announcer which might inspire the next generation to want to have a job at the ballpark when they grow up.
Not only do they focus on the children fans, but are looking to build a stronger relationship with their passionate season ticket holders. They launched a website for season ticket holders on March 5th which gives opportunities for them to purchase priority tickets, apply for events, and buy team merchandise items at a discounted price.
As long as the Dragons could keep thier loyal fans and establish their next generation of fans in the community, they should be able to compete every year with the bigger market teams on the field and off the field.

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