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FanHouse.comのべースボールライターであるエド・プライス記者のツイッターによると、 城島健司選手はマリナーズとの契約解除に至ったという発表がありました。マリナーズとの契約残り二年を破棄して、日本帰国という選択に踏み切りました。シアトル・マリナーズの公式ホームページでもこの契約解除はすでに伝えられています。

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Kikuchi Meetings, MLB Round 1

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Now, it’s getting interesting. Yusei Kikuchi has completed his first round of meetings with MLB clubs. The media reports lack the level of detail that the reports on the NPB meetings had. I think this is reflective of the Japanese teams wanting to use the media to lure, Kikuchi, while MLB teams are being tighter-lipped. Here’s a rundown.

Rangers:  sent Jim Colborn and lefty Derek Holland; espoused the team’s development system and let Kikuchi ask questions.

Dodgers:  sent Logan White, who was quoted in Nikkan Sports: “we didn’t tell him not to go to Japanese team” and the Yomiuri: “he’s among the top class of amateurs from any country. He certainly has the ability to play in the majors.”

SF Giants: pointed out that the Giants have a Japanese trainer for their 3A team; explained the team’s methods of practicing and training.

Red Sox: did not to the the media; it’s unknown what was discussed.

So if any financial details have been discussed so far, no one’s saying. Meetings conclude tomorrow with the Mariners, Mets, Yankees and Indians.

For more on Kikuchi, check out the posts on day one and day two of his meetings with NPB clubs, and our profile of the young lefty.

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