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  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-18:
    Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-11:
    Marty Brown Done in Hiroshima: Hi.. #
  • Kikuchi Meetings: Day Two: On Day Two, Yusei Kikuchi met with the eight remaining NPB teams, thus concluding the.. #
  • Kikuchi Meetings, MLB Round 1: Now, it’s getting interesting. Yusei Kikuchi has completed his first round .. #
  • 城島マリナーズとの契約解除: FanHouse.comのべースボールライターであるエド・プライス記者のツイッターによると、 城島健司選手はマリナーズとの契約解除に至ったという発表がありました #
  • Kikuchi Concludes Meetings: Yusei Kikuchi has wrapped up his meetings and now has some thinking to do. It may t.. #
  • Ken Takahashi released and will look to catch on with another team to remain in the States next season: #
  • Okajima looking to resign with the Red Sox with a new agent: #
  • RT @robneyer, @mlbtradeumors, you guys seemed to figure it out. #newrule #
  • Keichi Yabu to Audition: 41 year-old Keichi Yabu is not calling it quits yet, and will try to continue his care.. #
  • Johjima Opts out: As previously reported in Japanese, Kenji Johjima has decided to opt out of the final two yea.. #
  • 2009 Draft: What’s in a Name?: My draft coverage outside of Yusei Kikuchi has been pretty weak this year,.. #
  • would love to see Kim Ng get the Padres GM job. #
  • Kikuchi to Announce Intentions Oct 24?: The Yusei Kikuchi watch marches on. Multiple sources out of Japan are s.. #
  • East Meets West: Manager Katsuya Nomura finally accepted an apology from Todd Linden. Linden was taken off the .. #
  • Iwakuma not able to stop the Fighters allowing 9H, 3ER, 3BB with 6K in 8.0IP and the Fighters are one win away from the Nippon Series. #
  • Walk-Off Grand Slams, or, An Excuse to Write About Kintetsu: The mid-week Climax Series games are played well p.. #
  • Naoyuki Shimizu Thinking MLB: 33-year old right-handed pitcher Naoyuki Shimizu cannot seem to brush off his des.. #
  • Potential NPB Returnees: It looks like we could to see a wave of Japanese major leaguers make their respective .. #
  • Pitcher to Pursue MLB Career: That got your attention, didn’t it? It’s not Kikuchi though.
    Sanspo i.. #
  • Kikuchi press conference set for Oct 25: #
  • Free Agents: Igarashi, Saburo: Notes to share about a couple of FA-eligible players:

    If Ryota Igarashi chooses.. #

  • Kikuchi Sets Press Conference For 25th: As I uh, tweeted earlier in the day, Yusei Kikuchi has scheduled a pres.. #
  • Korea Series on #
  • Climax Series on #
  • Nippon Ham vs Rakuten, Game Four:

    Watch live video from waka02152000 on #

  • Kikuchi Stays Home: Kyodo News and reader Manzino beat me to it, but Yusei Kikuchi is staying in Japan. I&#8217.. #

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