Yomiuri Going After Josh Fields

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I guess when it comes down to it, I don’t need to add much to the headline. Yomiuri is trying to get Josh Fields out of the Rockies organization. The news comes from Sports Hochi, which is part of the Yomiuri media group, and says the Giants are “pouring all their effort into agreeing to a contract quickly.” The Giants are reportedly looking at Fields as a third base alternative to Rusty Ryal, who has really struggled this year. None of Yomiuri’s homegrown options seem to have the chops for the hot corner.

Fields was once The White Sox’ heir apparent to Joe Crede, and has a 23 home run season on his resume, back in 2007. He hasn’t done much at the Major League level since then, those it seems he has quite a bit of MLB roster time as he hasn’t played more than 75 games at 3A since 2006. This is his first year in the hitter-friendly PCL, and he’s tearing it up to the tune of .365/.429/.674. I actually took a long look at Fields when the news came out that Hiroshima was looking for help, but that I thought with his line he might get a look with the Rockies.

This seems like a deal that has a good chance at getting done. I think Yomiuri picked a good guy to go after, though in retrospect, simply keeping Edgar Gonzalez wouldn’t have been a bad move.

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  1. Patrick
    23/06/2011 at 8:41 am Permalink

    Oklahoma State:
    Rusty Ryal, Josh Fields, Joe Stanka

    University of Oklahoma:
    Val Pascucci (born in CA)

    Born and raised in OK:
    Randy Bass, Mark Ryal

    Who else am I missing? Anyway, it’s not a baseball state, but I detect some high concentration. Stanka has the most wins (100 tied with Gene Bacque) among Americans. So, Oklahoma produced the greatest American pitcher and batter in the NPB?

  2. Patrick
    23/06/2011 at 9:25 am Permalink

    I actually consider Oklahoma to be a pretty good baseball state. It’s not California, Florida or Texas but there always seems to be some talent from there. Mickey Mantle was from Oklahoma.


    Marcus Gwyn, Gail Hopkins, Jason Jacome… those are just the guys with MLB experience.

    Oklahoma State had a great baseball program (maybe they still do, I only follow west coast college ball now). Robin Ventura had his huge hitting streak there.

    Bass definitely had the highest peak of any American hitter in Japan, though Tuffy Rhodes racked up more career numbers. I think Bacque beats Stanka with his higher peak (’64 Sawamura Award) but both were head and shoulders above anyone else.

  3. Patrick
    23/06/2011 at 10:20 am Permalink

    Upon arrival, Stanka heard people say 大きい. He thought to himself, “Wow, I’m pretty famous.”

  4. Patrick
    Billy D
    23/06/2011 at 7:55 pm Permalink

    A big leaguer right off is a shocker. Fields was on one of my fantasy teams in 2008 for a few months before I had enough, but GM William (Chicago) was high on his offense that year. His fielding is problem, though. He was moved to left field later, before traded to Kansas (for Teahen, who’s also a 3B; that explains to you how incapable Josh was fielding there).

    On the other hand, with weaker contact, and consequently, slower liners, Fields might fare a little better in NPB environment. Can’t wait to see him in Tokyo Dome.

  5. Patrick
    Chris Jackson
    24/06/2011 at 11:43 am Permalink

    A Yomiuri scout was in Albuquerque during the Isotopes-Sky Sox series last month, so this does not surprise me very much. The Topes are a younger team this year, with more of the veterans struggling with injuries (John Lindsey on the DL for the 3rd time with a calf injury), so I figured they were scouting Colorado Springs and after that series, Reno came in. 1B Mike Jacobs was another name for the Sky Sox that I’m sure the Giants and Marines were checking out. For Reno, it was probably OF Wily Mo Pena (now up in Arizona) and old INFs Cody Ransom and Andy Tracy. Younger 1B-OF Brandon Allen was probably also of interest, since the D’backs have (strangely) soured on him despite their woes at first base.

  6. Patrick
    24/06/2011 at 11:55 am Permalink

    Haven’t seen this here, but Luis Cruz (Recently with AAA Round Rock, 2010 with Milwaukee) has left the Rangers organization to join a Mexican League team in order to prepare the paperwork for his move to Japan. So I am assuming he has been signed by someone.

  7. Patrick
    24/06/2011 at 12:02 pm Permalink

    Just to add to it… From Scott Lucas’s Rangers Farm Review.

    “IF Luis Cruz is headed to Mexico City followed by Japan. He had an early July out and intended to exercise it. Texas was nice enough to loan him to a Mexican League club so he could take care of some personal matters before hopping the Pacific. Esteban German was activated from the DL.”

  8. Patrick
    25/06/2011 at 1:02 am Permalink

    Cross of andy tracy name as he planning on retiring after this season..

    Thought Brandon Allen would be good player to bring over, thought not time in majors but good hitter, thought atleast their update on Josh Fields as two guy people that I talk to in tacoma say that Fields was up with Colorado which he wasn’t just on inactive list.

    Mike Wilson would be another name to consider as he guy who would have sucess in japan like Wlad balentien, Luis Antonio Jimenez would be player who would thrive in japan, no majors league service time but hitter that can hit for power,