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The English NPB Blogosphere, 2011 Edition

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Note: I’ve made some additions, based on suggestions from the comments.

I get most of my NPB knowledge from Japanese sources, but there is tons of great content on Japanese baseball being published in English every day. Here’s a rundown of sites and sources that I heartily recommend.

The Blogosphere

  • I’ll have to open with Yakyu Baka, curated by the tireless Gen. If you’re looking for thorough, current information on Japanese baseball, this is the first place to stop.
  • Boston-based longtime Japanese baseball guy Daigo Fujiwara now has content in blog format on his site,
  • made Japanese baseball accessible to me, as it certainly has many others, while I was still navigating through the tricky early waters of the Japanese language. It remains a fantastic resource, hosting five blogs, including John Gibson’s Japanese Baseball Daily blog, Michael Westbay’s Bayside West, and Christopher Amano-Langtree’s Tiger Tails.
  • Daily Yomiuri writer Jim Allen’s work is archived on as well, which is great because the Yomiuri’s website leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Deanna may have relocated from Japan, but that hasn’t dampened her enthusiasm for Tokyo Big6 college baseball. The blogging has gone on.
  • Steve Novosel’s Chiba Lotte blog has awoken from a long winter slumber.
  • The Kokoyakyu Blog publishes a Yakyu Baka level of information on Japanese high school baseball.
  • NPB Card Guy has a knack for finding an interesting baseball card to post every week.
  • Yakult is a popular team among English bloggers, with the tenured Tsubamegun and the newcomer Tokyo Yakult Swallows Etc.
  • I know of a couple of good Korean baseball sites: and True Stories of Korean Baseball.
  • In addition to my work here, I write for Fangraphs and Rotowire.
  • Hablo Espanol? Check out Beisbol Japones, a Spanish-language NPB site.
  • Yakult Swallows import righty Tony Barnette has a weekly blog.

The Twitterverse

Did I leave anyone out? It certainly wasn’t intentional — feel free to add to this list in the comments.

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Darvish on His Scoreless Streak

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Yu Darvish is in the midst of a dominant stretch. Over his last four starts, he hasn’t allowed a run, and has pitched every inning except one for a 35-inning scoreless streak.

Here’s what he had to say following his most recent shutout, against Hanshin on Tuesday, translated by Adam.

“I didn’t really think about it (pitching for the team’s fourth consecutive shutout win), I just focused on the batters one at a time and wanted to keep them down until my team mates scored some runs. Hanshin has some great hitters, so I’m glad I was able to pitch carefully.” Darvish continued, saying that his seventh consecutive victory is, “thanks to my teammates’ defense, their hitting, and the support of the fans. I’m incredibly thankful.” He credited catcher Shota Ono with his 35 inning streak of no runs allowed. “I owe it to Ono.” 

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