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Hanshin Tryout for Taiwan WBC Pitcher

» 28 January 2009 » In npb » 3 Comments

Prior to the opening of WBC training, Hanshin is bringing Taiwan representative and Culture University pitcher Cheng Kai-Wen in for a tryout at their Okinawa camp. Cheng, 20, is small at 5’9 but reportedly hits 94 mph on the gun and has a slider. He pitched for Taiwan’s Olympic team last year, and gave up three hits and two walks in his appearance against Japan, but that didn’t hurt Hanshin’s scouts evaluation of him. According to the Daily Sports article I linked to above, Cheng is getting some attention from MLB scouts as well. This could give the Tigers a chance to get an inside track on him. It also shouldn’t hurt that two other Hanshin players will be representing Taiwan at the WBC, Lin Wei-Zhu and Hsiao Yi-Ji (Ikketsu Sho).

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