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Yu Darvish to Appear on CNN

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Yu Darvish will appear on CNN’s interview program, “Talk Asia“. The interview was already filmed in Sapporo Dome during June and will be shown sometime in September. Aside from Darvish, the only other Japanese baseball player to appear on the show is current New York Yankee Hideki Matsui and Darvish will be the first present NPB player to get the call.

CNN staff states in an interview by Houchi Shimbun, “He is a pitcher not only noticed in Japan, but the world is keeping an eye on him. We are planning to not only introduce his baseball background, but his entire lifestyle of growing up half Iranian and half Japanese.”

Darvish has already made his debut on the field at the world stage participating in the Beijing Olympics and the World Baseball Classic. Now it’s time for him to reveal his character and personality off the field to the whole world.

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The Konkatsu Seats Actually Worked

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Nippon Ham’s Konkatsu Seat event, which Ryo wrote about in May, happened last weekend, and the results are in. 28 couples got together on the first day, and 34 for the second for a total of 62. The team is already looking into organizing another event.

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