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Right after I started doing the velocity charts, I asked who readers wanted to see. It’s taken me a while but I’m finally getting back around to this, so let’s take a look at Tetsuya Utsumi.

Utsumi has been one of the most consistent inning eaters for Yomiuri over the last few years, but got off to kind of a rocky start this season. He has pulled things together of late, though, and now has a respectable 3.23 era to go with his 4-6 record.

Read on to check out some velocity charts…

This first chart is from a loss suffered early in the season, a 6-2 defeat to Yakult in which Utsumi failed to survive the fifth inning.

This second chart is Utsumi’s most recent game, a complete game win over Hanshin.

Note that the icons are a little different between the two charts, and also that the second one has a lot more data crammed into it than the first. Still, you can see that Utsumi was a bit more consistent with his velocity in the second chart, and didn’t throw his curveball at all.

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