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Following Twitter

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Some of you might be following the NPB Tracker Twitter feed. I hope you’re enjoying it. What we’re doing with the Twitter feed is posting quick updates on specific players, mostly players of note to MLB fans. We’re posting a lot of quick updates to Twitter that won’t necessarily make it here.

For those of you that don’t have Twitter accounts, you can still get the updates via this rss feed.

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World Cup Roster

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The Japanese roster for the 38th IBAF World Cup has been announced. The schedule overlaps with the college baseball fall league, so the 24 players on the roster are all from the industrial leagues.


  • RHP Hirofumi Yamanaka (Honda Kumamoto) Video Clip
  • LHP Atsushi Tanaka (Panasonic)
  • LHP Takashi Saitoh (JR East)
  • LHP Tetsu Anan (Nippon Tsuun) Video Clip
  • RHP Rikiya Chikugawa (Honda)
  • RHP  Hirotoshi Masui (Toshiba)
  • RHP Tomohisa Ohtani (Toyota) Video Clip
  • LHP  Hiroyuki Kamekawa (Mitsubushi Jyukou-Yokohama)
  • RHP Eiichi Hirai (Fuji Jyukou)
  • RHP Motoki Higa (Hitachi Seisakusho) Video Clip


  • Ryo Saeki (Honda)
  • Kenji Suzuki (Nihon Tsuun)
  • Go Yamaoka (Shinnihon Sekiyu ENEOS)


  • Ken Kume (Mitsubishi Jyukou-Nagasaki)
  • Yoshiaki Sawamura (Nihon Tsuun)
  • Shiro Mori (Panasonic) Video Clip
  • Kentaro Miyazawa (Shinnihon Sekiyu ENEOS)
  • Tsutomu Sasaki (Mitsubushi Jyukou- Yokohama)
  • Kenichi Yokoyama (Mitsubushi Jyukou- Kobe)


  • Hisayoshi Chono (Honda) Video Clip
  • Yoshinobu Kotegawa (Honda)
  • Keiji Ikebe (Shinnihon Sekiyu ENEOS)
  • Ikuhiro Kiyota (NTT East Nippon)
  • Sho Aranami (Toyota) Video Clip

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

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  • Hanamaki tearfully exits Koshien; Kikuchi surrenders big hit in relief. #
  • Hideki Irabu makes his first start for Kouchi… Threw 117 pitches going 7.0 innings allowing seven hits on three earned runs. #
  • Hideki Irabu makes his first start for Kouchi… Threw 117 pitches going 7.0 innings allowing three earned runs on seven hits. #
  • Koshien final live on #
  • Wild end to Koshien final. If you missed it, check the game out here:,August-23-2009 #
  • Wild end to Koshien final. If you missed it, check the game out here: (fixed link) #
  • NPB Bullet Points: Koshien Wraps Up, Dragons Get Sick Too: Koshien wrapped up yesterday with a wild finale. If y.. #
  • Lim showing recent struggles… Walks two with bases loaded to suffer second loss and that is his second straight outing with 2ER. #
  • Kikuchi’s Future: Koshien is over, and inevitably the media has turned the spotlight back to the injured Y.. #
  • No support for Iwakuma as he throws 10 innings allowing 9H, 2ER (HR), 2BB with 10K for 149 pitches and receives a no-decision. #
  • Ni-Gun Baseball: We mentioned on twitter that Yu Darvish will have his turn in the rotation skipped to work on h.. #
  • Kikuchi Decides on Japan?: Daily Sports has comments from Yusei Kikuchi suggesting that he’s decided on be.. #
  • Homerun leader Nakamura (Seibu) taken off the roster due to soreness in left thigh. #
  • NPB Bullet Points: Brazell Becomes a Dad, KBO Offers for Bobby: Japanese Stories:

    Craig Brazell commemorated th.. #

  • Masahiro Tanaka threw eight shutout innings with 12K to earn his career-high 12th win of the season. #
  • Tsuyoshi Wada throws in a ni-gun game at Naruohama for the first time in a month and a half… (5.0IP, 3H, 2ER) #
  • 10 Foreign Player Stories: There are a couple of editions of Shukan Baseball that I look forward to each year: t.. #
  • Pitch Counts at Koshien: The response we received to my recent article about pitch counts reaffirmed to me that .. #
  • Yoshinobu Takahashi will have hip surgery as soon as early September and will hope to return fully by the 2010 season. #
  • Yu Darvish now heading to Kamagaya… #
  • Tazawa demoted; should be back when rosters expand.
    (Japanese) #
  • Attendance Rising: Although attendance is taking a hit in the States due to the economy, attendance is actually .. #
  • Ryota Igarashi taken off the roster due to injuring his hip while pitching in his 500th relief appearance. #

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