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Possible Destinations for Kadokura

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Ken Kadokura wants to continue his career with an MLB organization, and Sports Hochi is reporting that the pitcher is already reaching out to the Cardinals and Orioles. I suspect the teams he’s starting with were among those that showed interest in him during the offseason.

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NPB Tracker Sightings

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Couple of random thins I’ve done over the last few weeks…

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Opening Day

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The NPB season opened last night, 4/3, and I was remiss in only giving it a passing mention. Here are some highlights:

All the box scores in Japanese but I’ll have an English source for them soon. The WBC live chats were fun, I’m going to try doing that again during the season, if a) the time difference is reasonable and b) we can find a reliable live stream.

And in other brief news, is now an NPB Tracker property.

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